Wipro Job Process – Project Engineer – Ankit Aggarwal

Ankit AggarwalProject Engineer at Wipro shares his experience in this brief interview.

1. Please tell us about your placement procedure at Wipro (Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).


The placement process for Wipro was standard; the preliminary shortlisting was done by an online test. The online
Ankit Aggarwal Project Engineer Wipro Job Process NSIT test included aptitude, verbal and programming questions. It was quite easy.  Shortlisted candidates were required to write an essay on a standard topic, this  was non-eliminative. All the shortlisted candidates had their technical  interviews followed by HR interviews. The technical interviews were about basic  programming concepts and puzzles. HR interviews were focused on earlier  written essay and standard HR questions. They were looking for good speaking  skills. Overall, the process was easy and a student with basic preparation would  be able to get the job.


 2. How did you prepare for the placement season? What advice  would you give to your juniors regarding the placement season?


I did not really prepare specifically for placement season; I do regret that, since that may have caused me a dream job. First advice would be to prepare for a specific area of interest, I will advice each candidate to study programming as it will be useful in every field and job. A general advice would be to not be overconfident, and try to schedule your interview as soon as possible among all candidates. Another advice is to be pragmatic about your capabilities and focus on a particular area of interest rather than trying everything. Prepare a tailored resume, but make sure it doesn’t stand out; otherwise you will be rejected as an overqualified candidate. I was burned more than once on this.

 3. What’s the role of academics in getting a good placement from NSIT?

Academics does matter, try to maintain a decent GPA, in general, around 65%+ is good enough. Wipro has a special clause which requires students to have at least 70% by the end of last semester. However, in case you’re aiming for top-notch jobs, anything less than 75% wouldn’t make any impact.

4. What all internships and projects you did while in NSIT? How did you get them?

I have done a number of projects in the areas of my interests. I have published two research papers in IEEE Xplore. I was working for last two years in a startup mLabs Research. You can find more about me and get a detailed list of my work on http://ankitaggarwal.me or follow me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/ankit_aggarwal1) or on Github (http://github.com/ankitaggarwal011). I also interviewed at Google, D.E. Shaw Software Ltd., Airtel.