PayU Hiring Process – Software Development Engineer For Testing – Aakanksha Sethi


Aakanksha Sethi, SDET(Software Developmnet Engineer for Testing) at PayU Shares her experience in this brief interview


Tell us about your interview procedure at PayU?

Aakanksha Sethi PayU Hiring Process Software Development Engineer For TestingI got placed at PayU through on-campus placements. The company conducted it’s first round with the top 170 students from CSE and IT departments as participants. This round had technical and general aptitude questions.

The aptitude questions were easy to crack. A basic brush up with R.S. Aggarwal would be enough to crack this part of the exam.
The technical questions were focused on core DBMS concepts and specifically SQL Server based questions. Other than that it had some output questions as well.

The next round was a coding round which had a very basic question ( mine was to remove all the adjacent vowels from a string) but what mattered was the test cases that you had to write for the given problem statement.

The next round was a technical interview where basic fundamental concepts of OOPs were asked. C,C++, Java specicfic questions were also asked along with some simple SQL queries. An important part of the interview was writing the test cases (in my case, for a pen).

The next round was again a technical round which focused on analytical skills. It had a coding question (complexity of your solution mattered) and 3 puzzles.

The final round was an HR round. The standard HR questions were asked and our basic personlaity was tested (your personality should match with their requirements). Some of the questions included were : why PayU? why should we hire you? Strengths and weaknesses ? , etc.


How did you prepare for the placement?

I prepared for my general aptitude by doing RS Aggarwal. For the technical aptitude I picked up my standard course books for the important subjects and brushed up on the important topics. These subjects included DBMS,OOPS,OS,ADA,DS,SE. I also revised some Java (for coding).


What makes your company different from other firms?

PayU is a very fast growing company. It has become the No.1 player in the e-commerce category and No.3 player in the overall online payments industry. It has more than 2000 merchants on board in just a short span of 16 months. Some of it’s major clients include jabong, snapdeal, bookmyshow,etc.


What is the role of the academics in getting a good placement?

I think that academics (in terms of percentage/cgpa) are only required to clear the cutoff (generally around 75%) to sit for any company on-campus. However, academics in terms of study, is definitely vital in getting a good placement because the core concepts required to crack any interview as a fresher are taught to us in our curriculum only. So make sure you focus on the important subjects and keep your concepts sharp and clear.


Are you planning to do higher studies in future?

Yes, I am planning to do an MBA after working in the industry for 2-3 years.


Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors?

To my juniors, I would like to say that if you want to crack any technical interview, first of all , have a strong aptitude(general as well as technical) because without it you won’t be able to crack even the first round of the interview process. For general aptitude R.S. Aggarwal would suffice. After that, make sure you have a “favourite subject” which you are confident in. You should be able to answer any(or most) questions that the interviewer throws at you from that domain. (If that favourite subject is DS/ADA then geekforgeeks is a good resource to brush up your skills.)

Other than this, make sure you have all the basics covered in other important subjects as well. After this, focus on the profile that the company is offering and prepare accordingly. Background study about the company is very important for HR interviews. Also, try and solve some puzzles as well (pick up George J. Summers or Shakuntala Devi).