Morgan Stanley Job Process – Abhishek Jain

 Abhishek Jain placed at Morgan Stanley shares his experience in this brief interview.

Please tell us about your placement procedure at Morgan Stanley (Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).

Placement procedure consisted of the following rounds:

  • 1st Round: Written MCQ

Abhishek Jain Morgan Stanley Job Process DTU Campus VIsit This round had MCQ questions from almost all major subjects of computer science  namely Algorithms, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Database Management  System.

The questions were very good in the sense that a deep understanding of the subject  was required to solve them.

2nd Round: Coding round

In this round we were given about 5-6 problems for which we had to write a complete program that could solve them on a piece of paper. This was not done online.

The problems were moderately difficult.

  • 3rd Round: Technical Interview

Questions on data structures were asked. They also tested me on my OOPS concepts.

  • 4th Round: Group Activity

In this round we were divided into groups of about 5-6 people. We were given some pictures from which we had to form a complete story as a group.

After the first draft of the story was complete, they gave us some more pictures that we had to fit in our existing story or modify the story.

A panel of 4-5 employees was also present in the room and they were constantly evaluating our performance, our team work skills, our communications skills etc.

  • 5th Round: Technical Interview Round

In this round some of the data structure questions were asked.

A design problem was also asked(I had to design a parking lot). As is the case with all the design problems, they kept on adding more and more situations for me to consider while designing my parking lot.

  • 6th Round: HR Round

Typical HR questions were asked.

What helped you sail through the hurdles and crack?

During the complete placement season, it happens many times that you don’t get  what you think you deserve while people less deserving than you get through. In  those situations the single most important thing is to have faith in your abilities and  to just keep on working harder and harder.

During an interview it always helps to keep a calm and composed mind.  Interviewers will help you as much as they can in solving a problem, they will give  you hints. You have to be smart enough to catch onto those hints and move further.  It happens many a times that we are not able to answer a question during an interview but when we sit back and think about it, we are able to solve it. This is because we were not calm during the interviews.

No matter what, try to be as calm as you can and even more.

How did you prepared for the placement season? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the placement season?

The placement season is a hell of a ride in anyone’s life. It’s a time where you learn a lot. My advice is to enjoy this time. Don’t be afraid of it. This time will test you, sometimes even crush you but in the end you will come out shining if you have faith in your abilities.

Remember, there are no shortcuts to success. There is only one and will ever be only one way to succeed and that is hard work and self-belief.

This is the mantra that I always follow and this helped me during my placement season.

What’s the role of academics in getting a good job from DTU?

The field of computer science is vast. You cannot study it all in a human lifespan.

Undergraduate courses introduce you to some of the building blocks of this whole field. It’s important to understand them and if one feels like, even research them further.

As they say, “You have to walk before you can run”, academics help you in walking but getting a good placement requires some extra effort that a general undergraduate course cannot teach you. It can only be learnt by putting in that extra effort that everyone talks about.

What all internships and projects you did in DTU? How did you get them?

I did a project on image processing in college. We tried to extend an object matching algorithm known as SIFT for doing face recognition. In my 5th semester, we had to choose our project mentor from our department. Once we did that, we had a discussion with our project mentor and came up with this idea during that discussion.

I had done my summer internship after my 6th semester at Influence Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. I had applied for the job online.

Are you planning to do higher studies in near future?

No, I don’t have any plans for higher studies yet.

Would you like to give any general piece of advice to your juniors at DTU?

I have already done that in the previous questions.