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KPMG Freshers Recruitment Process – Verification Analyst – Amandeep Gill


Amandeep Gill, Verification Analyst, KPMG shares his Interview Process in this brief interview


Please tell us about your Interview procedure at KPMG (Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).

Amandeep Gill KPMG Freshers Recruitment Process Verification AnalystApplying through campus placements, via my College, I got a chance to appear for the interview in the college premise itself. After two initial rounds, which were pretty specific (which included an aptitude test and a GD) I was shortlisted for the third round with an HR. The test was of basic math, quant and a reasonably good English grammar furthered by a 5 minute GD, being very rigid in nature and hard to grasp the whole of it, I finally made through the rounds to the HR.

The HR continued with my personal and professional aspects of life. Apart from many things which you might even google I am sure, one thing which I could make out was that the HR there tried to connect the rationale behind my taking up this job, my personal way of living, my attitude towards my immediate surroundings and my professional aspirations, all at once.


What and how many internships and projects you did at college? How did you get them?

As the course was an academic once, a B.Com Honors student at D.U isn’t offered and internship as an option, as a part of its curriculum.


What makes this company different from other firms?

Not at all. I might be sounding awkward but the truth is that all the firms in our country are the same. The differences are of such marginal nature that no impact is seen at all. Only if you tend to work at a place like Europe, Australia, New Zealand, States, or somewhat similar, you could be able to figure out the difference, if any. So, as far as Indian context is concerned, no differences noted.


How did you prepare for the placement season? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the placement season?

Go through the Company’s website. Make notes as to it’s initial years, incorporation, who all founded it, what did they do before that, how and with what resources at hand was the company found, it’s overall growth with respect to the other firms in the industry and it’s current status. Seriously, even they won’t want you to speak up anything further than this. Apart from this, you must know your area/profile where you’ve applied, the job description, the working environment ( a hint) and adequate humor.  


What’s the role of academics in getting a good placement/internship?

It’s a dis-satisfier, in the Indian context. See, if you have grades then it helps you clear the mist and stand in front with a reasonable confidence which of course has to reflect in your standard of answering the questions. On the contrary, if you have less grades, you just don’t qualify, as simple as that.


Elaborate on the type of work in this kind of role?

Worked with the Human Resources team at Gurgaon office. The work was into Forensic and my area of work was into verifications of documents and background checks of the new candidates hired hence, the position held as Verification Analyst.


What growth opportunities does this company provide?Is there any global exposure?

Yes, there is global exposure but of course only after you’ve spent a few good years in the same profile. People today have a tendency of hopping into new profiles now and then be it inside or out of the organization. If this is avoided, yes, there is certainly global exposure to an extent.


Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors?

Find your area of interest and explore that very thoroughly. Once that is done and you’re sure of your research on it, a viable option is never a bad option. Don’t go for salary packages. Job satisfaction has to be the primal motive.