Jabong Job Process – Software Engineer – Amardeep Singh

Amardeep Singh,  Software Engineer at Jabong , shares his experience in this brief interview.

1. Please tell us about your placement procedure at Jabong(Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).
Amardeep Singh Basoor Jabong Job Process Software Engineer NSIT There were 2 Written Exams (Pen-Paper) , followed by 4 Round of  Interviews. First written was Quant+OutputQues (30 min 30 ques).  Average level not that tough. Second written was 5 coding ques to solved  in 30 min. (I was able to solve 4 ques. because of time limit. Each round  was eliminative.

After written rounds there were 2 technical interviews followed by an  interview by Director , Technology ( HR types) and at last HR interview.

 2. What helped you sail through the hurdles and crack one of  the finest jobs?

The 2-3 months of coding in june – july + the non technical skilled learned by working in college fests.

3. How did you prepare for the placement season? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the placement season?

I started my preparation in the month of June. I had never coded before this. I started with GeeksForGeeks and I was able to finish it till August end. My advice to beginners is to start with geekforgeeks topic wise . Do it in bottom-up manner ,i.e, starting from the last page to the first page.

Other than this please practice quant+verbal if you are not good at it.

4. What’s the role of academics in getting a good placement at NSIT?

I don’t think academics really matters. In the end, if you have practiced coding you can crack a technical job easily.

5. What all internships and projects you did while in college? How did you get them?

 -TCIL(TeleCommunication India Pvt Lmt.) – Got through a reference of my friend

-Ginisys – A friends uncle’s firm.

6. Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors in NSIT?

Please balance your work life. Do work in each and every fest. They really help. And if you want technical job do practice GeeksforGeeks.