IIM Kozhikode Admission Procedure – MBA – Vipin Kumar


Vipin Kumar, MBA, IIM Kozhikode shares his experience in this brief interview.

College: NSIT


Please tell us about your selection procedure at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (Exams you gave, Application forms, Short listing procedure, Interviews).

Vipin Kumar IIM Kozikode Admission Process I reached IIM Kozhikode after appearing in CAT, and a Group Discussion  followed by a Personal Interview. I only gave CAT 2014 and had filled  BLACKI in the application form. Though, I shouldn’t have been so over-  confident, but I was fortunate enough to get into Kozhikode.

IIM K, like other IIMs, gives quite weight age to work experience and  gender diversity. The shortlisting is based on a combined score of CAT  score weightage, work experience, academic diversity, graduation and  school academics. So, getting shortlisted for Interview in IIMK is pretty  tricky as even academic diversity is given a weight-age of 5% and a female  candidate with even 93%, having a decent work experience of over

My Group Discussion topic was ‘Travel tourism spreads terrorism’. In the  interviews, they asked general questions of statistics like mean, mode, variance, regression line and normal curve. Difference between Organised and Unorganized sector and a few other socio-economic latest news were discussed. Overall, I had a very good interview.


What helped you sail through the hurdles and crack one of the finest institutions?

To crack through the finest institutions, I would say it is a concoct of academical hard work of your past life, pressure handling, passion to get into one of the finest institutions and attitude to learn, that helps you get through. Not losing hope and patience might be others, but mostly its about the above mentioned things.


How did you prepare for the admission season? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the admission season?

For admission season, after coming back from office, I used to put in 2 hours daily for CAT preparation and after CAT results I joined interview preparatory classes in Delhi. Though the classes were fine, but interviews are mostly matter of luck. Many of the interviewers know that large number of candidates undergo coaching for CAT and interviews so one should be wary of the situation. For preparations, I would recommend that don’t take pressure, just give in short 2-3 hour regular efforts for CAT. For interviews, regularly read newspapers and books for general awareness.



What’s the role of academics for pursuing higher education after college?

For higher education, every big institution looks forward your sincerity in the course and one common parameter to measure this your college marks are the first quantifiers. Taking leadership roles and initiatives in different tasks and events is secondary to graduations. IIM interviews are mostly cracked by those having top notch marks from their respective colleges. Many a times good interviews help you much but academics are surely going to come up in future, if not in interviews for college admissions, then it will come during the PG college.


What internships and projects you did while at NSIT? How did you get them?

While in NSIT, I did a few major projects and that was final year project. I did though had worked with several professors on some projects on Machine learning,etc. and I got many of them by class interaction with professors and them requesting them to take me under a project. As for internships, I completed one in HCL and that too wasn’t relevant to my specialization in engineering. But everything that you learn in interns will surely help. I have faced a few occasions where out of specialization questions are answered on the basis of that particular internship I did at HCL.


Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors at NSIT?

General advice to juniors, just be yourself, work hard, get scores because most of the times they matter in the higher studies, enjoy the college life to the fullest. Don’t hesitate in trying out new things, you might find interest in a new field. And one last and the most important thing, it is your attitude towards things that matters. Your attitude to work or learn or handle situations is the one that governs you a person.