IGL Hiring Process – Graduate Engineer Trainee – Apurv Jain

Apurv Jain,  Graduate Engineer Trainee, IGL, shares his experience in this brief interview.


Please tell us about your placement procedure at IGL(Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).

Apurv Jain IGL Hiring Process Graduate Engineer Trainee The placement procedure consisted of a test with question ranging from aptitude,  logical reasoning, verbal ability, history and general knowledge (10 question each). No  technical questions were asked in the test. Also, there was no initial shortlist after the  test. All students were called for the interview. Both the test and the interview carry  equal weightage for the final selection. The interviewing board was of 4 members. After  the college interviews, three students from the ICE branch were called to IGL office for  further rounds of interview. Finally one offer was made by the company.

 What helped you sail through the hurdles and crack one of the finest jobs?

I don’t believe sheer knowledge of technical subjects were required because most of  technical questions asked during interview could be answered if you have a presence of  mind and mediocre knowledge of the subjects. The interviewing panel was very helpful, motivating and supportive. You have to be confident while giving answers. Be very thorough with your internships and areas of interest. If you don’t know the answer regarding a question based on your internship, just tell them you are not aware of it rather than giving a wrong answer.

How did you prepare for the placement season? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the placement season?

I was more inclined towards the non technical side first. Only a few core companies for ICE like Reliance, Airtel, Bechtel,Rockwell, IGL, Nestle, Bombardier visited our campus with an average intake of 2. So, I don’t advise anyone to focus only on core companies. But, if you are really interested then keeping your percentage high with a fair knowledge of the core subjects would be really helpful in getting through.

Due to prior commitments I could not study for placements much. But in the first week of the placement season, I solved many case studies from ‘case-in point’ seventh edition. Vault guide and victor cheng videos, I think were not very beneficial. I practiced Guess estimates (very important, asked in almost all interviews for companies ranging from MediaGuru to JPMC).

For technical, I mainly focused on the core subjects like Instrumentation(Nakra), Measurements (AK Shawney) and practiced MCQs, which was done later on.

Advice– Always remember, you are the one who decides the course of your interview. The first answer of every interview I have given is based on either ‘Tell me about yourself’ or ‘Go through your Resume’. That’s where it all starts. Be very thorough with your resume. Don’t make stories because eventually you will stammer and it shows lack of confidence. Prepare as many HR questions as you can.

What’s the role of academics in getting a good placement at NSIT?

For a non technical job, the role of academics is limited to keeping an average percentage to be able to fulfil the eligibility criterion.
For a technical job, besides maintaining good percentage, a fairly good knowledge of 2-3 core subjects is required.

What all internships and projects you did while in college? How did you get them?

In my second year of summer break, I interned at ABB, Bangalore for 2 months which was a core instrumentation company. I put the reference of one of my relatives after which I took a 1 hr 50 questions MCQ test.
In the third year summer break, I interned at Edzy consulting Group which I got through Internshala.
Also, I did many courses through Coursera.org in finance, marketing and economics.

Are you planning to do higher studies in near future?

Not now. But after gaining certain work experience I would.

Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors in NSIT?

Stay chill.

Job- For some people it comes early and for some it comes later. But eventually everyone gets it. It would be surprising for you to see many people getting job earlier than you. But, I strongly advise you to weigh your talent according to company. Just don’t sit for any company that comes your way. Wait for a good opportunity but keep working hard for it. Don’t get depressed if u fail because another opportunity would be arriving the other day only. You will not even get time to mourn and think about it. Just keep improvising with what you know. The best will ultimately follow!

Life- Just don’t settle for anything you think is relegate for you.