IBM Job Hiring Process – Technical operations associate – Akshit Batra


Akshit Batra, Technical operations associate, IBM shares his experience in this brief interview.

College: JIIT


Please tell us about your placement procedure at IBM (Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).



Akshit Batra IBM Job Hiring Process Technical Operations Associate IBM process included 3 rounds. Every round was elimination  round.

First was online Aptitude test. I was easy but calculations  intensive. They  allowed us to use calculators.

Second round was Communication round where an  interviewer asked us  simple HR questions to judge our comm  skills. Eg-how is college life diff  from school life. This was a  major elimination round.

Third round was Technical round. My interviewer didn’t ask technical questions rather had a conversation about my interests. Other had been subjected to easy technical questions varying from programming to LR.


What helped you sail through the hurdles and crack one of the finest jobs?

Self confidence and good communication skills.


How did you prepare for the placement season? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the placement season?

Aptitude questions from, verbal skills can’t be developed overnight rather need continuous practice.


What’s the role of academics in getting a good internship from JIIT?

Academics only helped in getting the minimum cgpa required to sit for IBM drive. Nothing technical was asked.


What all internships and projects you did while in college? How did you get them?

I did projects on Digital image processing. All were either selected by group or with help of mentors.


Are you planning to do higher studies in near future?

Probably after some work ex.


Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors in JIIT ?

Never stop practicing aptitude. Interviewer understands our nervousness . try keeping it at min. Comm skills play a way more role in selection than we can imagine.