HCL Technologies Interview Process – Specialist – Abhishek Wadhwa


Abhishek Wadhwa, Specialist at HCL Technologies shares his experience in this brief interview

College: Amity University



Please tell us about your Interview procedure at HCL Technologies (Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).

Abhishek Wadhwa HCL Technologies Interview Process SpecialistI received a call from the consultant with an opening for App Packaging for HCL suitable for my work experience. I appeared for the interview at the day specified by the consultant. I was asked multiple questions regarding my technology and was able to answer most of the questions which were asked. The HR called me within a week’s time and once the details had been discussed, I received the offer letter.


What helped you sail through the hurdles and crack one of the finest jobs?

I was confident about my knowledge and I could prove that to the interviewer.


What and how many internships and projects you did at college? How did you get them?

I did a project and internship each at my college. Project was collaboration with a close friend, we created an Image Detection\Processing\Motion Detection system. I took care of the software part whereas my friend arranged for the hardware.

I completed my 6 month internship at a firm known as SAS Automation, based out of Noida. I had known through a web portal that they required trainees\contract employees seeking opportunity.


How did you prepare for the placement season? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the placement season?

I was struggling back in the days of placements in college. I had low grades but was high on confidence. My confidence was the difference in many cases and in the end I had two offers. My advice to my juniors was the same, to be confident and showcase your strengths.


What growth opportunities does this company provide? Is there any global exposure?

The company\project gives us the opportunity to work on multiple tools. We are free to use any methods to achieve results. There’s a lot of scope for automation.

Global exposure is a limitation but it’s a work in progress.


Would you recommend this company to a friend? Why? 

It’s a good company to start one’s career.


How’s the general work culture and interaction with senior level executives? 

The work culture is good, interaction with senior level execs is low though.