Greymeter Review – Growth Hacker – Kaustubh Sharma

Kaustubh Sharma, Growth Hacker, Greymeter, shares his experience in this brief interview.

Please tell us about your Interview/Selection procedure (Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).

Kaustubh Sharma Grey Meter Work Review Growth Hacker I joined Greymeter while it was still expanding, as a marketing intern. I  found them on and mailed them my resume. I got a reply the  same day and a telephonic interview followed. Once I cleared the  telephonic round, I was asked to visit the office for another interview.

My interviews were based around previous work experience, area of  interest and most importantly, enthusiasm. A major reason of why I was  selected even with little work experience was that they felt I had a positive  drive to work and learn, which is what most employers are looking for.

What makes this company different from other similar firms?

The fact that there is hardly any feeling of superiority (or inferiority) in the team. The interns, permanent employees and founders all work together in the same room. This feeling of equality among the team members is very important for a young organization.

Elaborate on the type of work in this kind of role?

My work relates to online marketing, with special focus on content marketing. I work closely with the content writers and develop strategies to exploit various social platforms for marketing and publicity. The ultimate aim is conversion optimization.

Among my other responsibilities are product development and product optimization for revenue generation, market expansion (offline and online) and also student acquisition.

What all growth opportunities does this company provide? Are there any global exposures?

Global exposure is limited since the company is a relatively new startup. However, opportunities for growth are not restricted by this. As with any startup, the slope of your growth curve depends on how motivated you are to work, how disciplined and serious you are with it and lastly, how enjoyable you make it for yourself.

In my tenure, I have been able to learn and execute detailed content marketing strategies (I developed my own plan for content marketing which I call the Content Marketing Web), understood how internet marketing and optimization works and most importantly, have been able to validate and test my ideas in a real time business.

Lastly, I have worked as part of a team as well as headed a team, which is one of the main things any college student must learn.

How’s the general working culture and interaction with senior level executives?

The senior level executives are easily approachable and very open to interaction with their employees at any time. As I mentioned before, the team works together in the same room as the founders, every day. There is hardly any feeling of disconnect among the employees, regardless of age, role or how long we have been working for the company.

Are there any activities/events apart from work to motivate employees?

We have regular breaks from work during the day where we just sit and talk to each other. Since the team size is small, this is feasible and also helps in creating a positive work atmosphere as well as a sense of team spirit. The interaction helps each individual in further brainstorming, provides light relaxation to the brain and of course, there’s the tea and coffee of which, any amount is allowed.


Would you recommend this company to a friend? Why? 

I would definitely recommend the company. I have not seen a workplace where the founders are not just approachable (anytime, I should add) but also genuinely cherish helping their employees. I have, on many occasions, received their help in matters that were personal, other than those that related to my work at the company.

The work atmosphere is extremely motivating and the exposure that you receive is great. It is the ideal place to learn how to work in a company.

What are your future plans? Will you be working here, looking to switch or going for higher studies?

For the time being, I plan to continue working here.