Google India Internship Interview – Akshita Soni


Akshita Soni, Intern, Google India shares her experience in this brief interview

College: LSR


Please tell us about your Interview procedure Google India (Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).

Akshita Soni Google India Internship InterviewThe process consisted of 3 rounds. The first was a CV short listing round followed by two experience interviews. The questions which were asked were mainly focused on the experience and skill sets you have acquired till now. What are your strengths and weaknesses and how do you plan to overcome them, what is the biggest challenge you have faced till now along with some basic business concepts were asked.


What and how many internships and projects you did at college? How did you get them?

I have undertaken one internship in college for which I had applied off-campus. I was the Google campus ambassador in college and that is how I came in touch with them. I was keen towards an internship/project with Google and hence applied off-campus.


What makes this company different from other firms?

Apart from being the world’s best employer, it gives you a great working experience and the very opportunity of working with the best minds. The work culture and work life balance is simply what you ever wished for. The projects that you take up in the firm are challenging and stimulating and hence provide a huge potential for growth.


How did you prepare for the placement season? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the placement season?

I spoke to seniors and that’s how I got to preparing for the same. However, I feel I could have started off early which would lead to much better preparation. I would like to advice the juniors to start off as early as possible if they are serious for placements. Also, preparing a good C.V. is very important as that forms the basis of selection for the very first round in any company. Thus it is essential to make a good C.V. as that forms your first impression.


What’s the role of academics in getting a good placement at Lady Shri Ram College?

Honestly, according to me academics does not play that important a role in getting a placement. Yes it helps to enhance your knowledge. However the skill set required for placements is very different. It focuses more on your aptitude and fast thinking abilities which are not necessarily developed via academics.


Elaborate on the type of work in this kind of role?

The role was primarily research oriented and analytical based. It involved researching and estimating data set along with its analytical inference using economic tools.


What growth opportunities does this company provide? Is there any global exposure?

The company provides quite a lot of growth opportunities in terms of giving huge responsibilities early on and giving the chance to directly interact with senior management and client. Yes there is global exposure, however only after getting a minimum experience in the role.


Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors?

My general advice to juniors would be to not simply go in for the brand name of the Company, but to also look at the role that the company is offering. If you are getting both, i.e., a great brand name and a great profile which matches your interest, you shouldn’t think twice. However do not compromise on the profile that you are being offered.