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Fresh Mentor Recruitment Process – HR , Counselling – Shivani Hasija


Shivani Hasija, HR , Counselling, Fresh Mentor shares her experience in this brief interview

College: CVS


Please tell us about your Interview procedure at Fresh Mentor (Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).

Shivani Hasija Fresh Mentor Recruitment Process HR CounsellingThe selection of the first round took place on the basis of my CV. After I got through the first round, the second round took place which consisted of a telephonic interview in which I was judged on the basis of my communication skills. The third round consisted of a Skype Interview in which I had to showcase how I’d bring across my points and how would I counsel students and how I’d make them feel comfortable. The last round consisted of a conversation with the senior authority in which I was judged on my profile and how approachable I was .


What and how many internships and projects you did at college? How did you get them?

I have done 3 internships during my 2 years of college. Out of which one was with a start up company named – Anhad, where I was under the HR department for a month, the operations department for another month and the sales and marketing department during the third month. The second one was with Fresh Mentor. The third one was with AIESEC, where I was a part of the external communication department. I did one project with the WWF i.e World Wide Fund for Nature which was for the ‘Earth Day’.


What makes this company different from other firms?

The very fact that you have to interact with students of 10th and 12th grade and guide them regarding the stream they could choose, the courses they could pursue during graduation, how sports quota and eca quota in DU colleges could help them, how they could manage their time etc. builds up your communication skills, helps you get better at counseling and dealing with students, helps you become a patient listener, helps you in becoming more approachable and comforting others; makes this company very different. Students get to know the point of view of the other students who have been through that phase thus helping them understand better.


How did you prepare for the placement season? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the placement season?

Regarding the placement season, you should be thorough with your 11th and 12th grade course and should brush through it before interviews specially technical ones. Apart from that your CV should be well built and strong enough to showcase your strengths. Always read about the company you are interviewing for and make sure the job profile is of your interest. Also, you should remain confident during your interviews and should never lose hope.


What’s the role of academics in getting a good placement at College of Vocational Studies , DU?

Your marks should remain consistent during your semester exams. External knowledge really helps. Reading the news paper and being aware of the current affairs is important. Brush through your 11th and 12th grade books as per the requirement of the technical interviews of certain companies.


Elaborate on the type of work in this kind of role?

It mainly involves talking to students through telephonic conversations and skype calls. Guiding them on how to manage their time. Helping them choose the course of their interest. Letting them know the pros and cons of the same. Telling them about the course you , yourself are pursuing and why. Suggesting them good colleges. Making them realize the importance of choosing the subject/course they like. Making them aware of college procedures and other college related information.


What growth opportunities does this company provide? Is there any global exposure?

I think it is a good approach of helping students connect with other students who have been through that phase and are aware of things. Growth opportunities , not much. Global exposure is not there since everything takes place through skupe calls and phone calls throughout the country.


Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors?

Don’t give up , don’t lose hope. Life is a bed of roses and thorns. Difficulties will come your way but you have to be strong enough to face them and get through. Best of luck !