Fractal Analytics Interview Process – Consultant – Tanmay Gupta


Tanmay Gupta, Consultant, Fractal Analytics shares his Interview Process in this brief interview

College: Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Stream: Instrumentation and Control


Please tell us about your Interview procedure Fractal Analytics (Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews, Questions).

Tanmay Gupta Fractal Analytics Interview Process ConsultantThere were a total of four rounds in in the entire process.

The first round was the online aptitude test on 23 students were shortlisted to give the aptitude test based on the percentage of the students. The test had 60 questions to be solved in 60 minutes. The questions were on verbal ability, logical reasoning(LR), data interpretation(DA) and quantitative ability. The questions were of moderate difficulty, to test both your knowledge as well as speed. 6 students were shortlisted based on this test for the next rounds in the Gurgaon office of Fractal Analytics

The next round was an interview round that comprised of a range of questions, from a few questions on your resume, some simple HR questions and coding questions. A guesstimate was also asked to each candidate. I was asked to “estimate the number of light bulbs a company needs to manufacture in a month to satisfy the demand in Delhi and NCR” After this round, 3 students were shortlisted for further process.

The third round was another interview round with more focus on resume, problem solving abilities and some puzzles. I was asked to explain my projects and the work I did at my internships. I had to write the code in some cases. Some students were asked questions only on their resume. It depended on the interviewer really.

The final round was an HR round which comprised of routine HR questions such as “why analytics”, “why Fractal?” and “3 qualities which make you suitable for Fractal.”

The results were announced soon after the HR round and all 3 students were hired on the spot.


What and how many internships and projects you did at college? How did you get them?

I had done an internship at Greymeter. And I was a short term scholar under a professor at San Diego State University. Apart from these I had done one technical project. All my internships were off campus.


What makes this company different from other firms?

The long term goal of Fractal Analytics is to become the most respected firm in the world of analytics, rather than the biggest or the richest. That in itself is what is worthy of admiration. They boast of a strong client base across industries and receive overall positive reviews from all their clients for their services. They have one of the best retention rate of clients. Their employees are highly valued and the employees provide anecdotes of an excellent work life balance at Fractal. Additionally, they are driven by innovation, constantly adding new services and products for their clients.


How did you prepare for the placement season? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the placement season?

Firstly, prepare and finalise your resume well in advance before the placement season begins. Be absolutely sure about everything on it knowing that you might have to explain and elaborate just about anything on it.

Secondly, the first stage in any process, is the online aptitude test. So be in touch with basic quant, LR and DI fundamentals. The next stages would have guesstimates and case interviews. For case interviews browse through books like Case In Point and IIM-A casebook for a general idea and the flow of case interviews. More importantly, after this, practise both guesstimates and case interviews with your peers as that helps in developing the thought process required to tackle these and making this thought process a second nature.

And lastly, give a good thought to the common HR questions in advance as well. Mostly, you’ll be hearing just them again and again, and it could become tricky if you decide to come up with an answer to them on the spot.

As for the placement season itself, just know that it is a long one. You might face disappointments and rejections. The challenge is to learn from all these, improve and keep going back to it with the same strong will that you had in the beginning of it. Just don’t let the failures bring you down, ever. Eventually, it all turns out okay.


What’s the role of academics in getting a good placement?

Academic record does play an important role in the placement season. Often companies shortlist students based on their percentage. So having an aggregate over 70% is definitely a plus point. In any case, having over 70% makes you eligible for all non-technical firms, provided your branch is eligible for the company. That being said, having above 65% will get the job done as well as most companies have a 65% cut-off.


Elaborate on the type of work in this kind of role?

The work in its initial stages involves examining and analysing data, producing documentation, reports, statistical models and summaries of findings that address specific client needs. We are to use statistical tools to identify and evaluate the relationships between data fields, analyse output and determine the next action. As we spend more time on the job, the responsibilities naturally keep increasing


What growth opportunities does this company provide? Is there any global exposure?

Fractal provides analytics services to renowned names across a number of industries such as healthcare, retail and technology, thereby giving a vast exposure to its employee. An employee can choose the kind of work he wants to do from a number of verticals in the company to fuel his own growth. Also, Fractal has offices across continents, in USA, UK, Switzerland and Singapore among others. There is a huge possibility of short and long term assignments in these offices.


Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors?

Well I’d just like to tell all my juniors to get themselves involved in whatever they enjoy doing during the initial years of college. Things where they believe they can learn and contribute at the same time. And also test themselves at new things and have new experiences. Then make up their minds as to what line of work they wish to pursue later on. Also, pay due focus on academics, they really can give you an edge over other candidates.