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Flipkart Careers | Flipkart Employee Review – Software Engineer – Varun Sharma


Flipkart Careers, Flipkart Employee Review, Software Engineer, Varun Sharma shares his experience in this brief interview.


Name: Varun Sharma

Company Name: Flipkart

Designation: Software Development Engineer 1

Experience (in months): 11 months


Please tell us about your Interview/Selection procedure at Flipkart(Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).

Varun Sharma Flipkart Careers Flipkar Employee Review Software Engineer I applied through referral of my senior after I completed my 1 year  in  walmartlabs(campus placement). Read full Flipkart Job Hiring  process.


 What makes Flipkart different from other similar  firms?

Work is challenging. People are energetic. Very young team.


Elaborate on the type of work in this kind of role at Flipkart?

Kind of work depends on team. I am in Last mile(ekart) innovation team, so got a chance to work on various interesting and challenging projects with lost of learning involved. I worked on technologies like Spark, Cassandra, Kafka(Setting up of entire platform end to end) Languages can be used at your convenience.

I worked in Java, Scala, Python, Javascript.(basically whatever which can get your work done).Currently working on Routing and mapping.


What growth opportunities does Flipkart provide? Are there any global exposures?

You get to learn a lot from people if you are in right team. No global exposures.


How’s the general working culture and interaction with senior level executives at Flipkart?

Working timings are very flexible as far as you get your work done on time. Not much of perks and all.
Senior people are quite reachable and you talk your ideas with them freely.


Are there any activities/events apart from work to motivate employees at Flipkart?

Some happen but not much so don’t have too high hopes on this part. Quarterly team outing is there. Some talks(on some non tech stuff as well) and activities keeps on happening (soccer, cricket tournament and all.)


Would you like to share some negative points which you might have experienced while working in Flipkart?

Recently bit of politics is sensed in upper management. Goals and not defined properly sometimes, so you are on your own.
Not much things happening outside work.


Would you recommend Flipkart to a friend? Why?

Yes. Its a good company to give you good exposure to technologies and doing things end to end.


What are your future plans? Will you be working at Flipkart, looking to switch or going for higher studies?

Yes, will be working here till I get bored of this place. No plan for higher studies as of now.


PS: Some of the above mentioned experience might be specific to a particular team and might not be applicable for Flipkart as a whole.