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Deloitte Internship Process – Business Technology Analyst – Intern – Rahul Yaduvanshi

Rahul Yaduvanshi, Business Technology Analyst – Intern  , Deloitte shares his experience in this brief interview.

Please tell us about your Internship procedure at Deloitte USI (Short Listing Procedure, GDs, Interviews).

It’s a  3-stage  process :

Rahul Yaduvanshi Business Technical Analyst Deloitte Internship Process Online Round
: Consists of adaptive Aptitude MCQs  (Quant/Logical  Reasoning/Verbal Ability); level was moderate if you are an CAT  aspirant; 1 hr duration.

After this round only 40 were selected out of  200+ candidates.

 Case GD : Two phase process à GD + presentation. You would be given a  case to discuss upon in  groups of 8-10  for about 20-25 mins and you’ll  also be given a chart to jot down important points which would later be  used to give the presentation, which will be of 15-20 mins duration.

10 people sailed through the penultimate round.

Personal Interview : Most important of all the rounds as this is the decisive round, either they are gonna select you or drop you. Be prepared to be grilled on your resume, in my case they didn’t even leave a single word written over there. You should be able to back up each n every point that you mention in your resume with practical and logical explanations. Also don’t forget to prepare basic HR questions like – Take me through your resume?   Why us?  Why should we take you? etc… My interview lasted for about an hour, but don’t get scared cz for most of them it ended in 15-20 mins only.

At the end I would advise you all not to fake anything during the interview as the person sitting in front of you would be an expert in this field. Just show them your true self !!

What helped you sail through the hurdles and crack one of the finest internships?

Companies  like Deloitte seeks for an overall developed profile. So the work that I have done in college societies n fests including my past academic achievements turned out to be in my favor. Also for the interviews CONFIDENCE is the key !

How did you prepare for the internship season? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the internship season?

To be honest I didn’t prepare anything at all for non-tech internships. Though I’ve always been fascinated by numbers so I keep on solving QA questions whenever I find sum time and if my mood permits 😛

If you are aiming for a non-tech internship/job I would advise you to join any of the CAT coaching institutes n along with it try to do an internship (during the summers i.e. when 2nd yr gets over ) & for tech people GeeksforGeeks is your Bible.

What’s the role of academics in getting a good internship/placement at NSIT?

Academics does play an important role. Try to get 75+, if not then don’t let it fall beyond 70. Though most of the companies keep 60/65 as there cut-offs but still I wouldn’t recommend it because you are definitely going to get an edge over others if you have a decent %age . Just think of it as your last option. There are  few companies on our campus which gives very high weightage to the %age factor n would offer you an internship/job more or less on this basis .

Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors at NSIT?

Try and explore your abilities in the first 2 years by attending the orientation of every damn society and joining the ones where your interest connects. Please don’t think about internship/placement season from the very 1st day as these 4 yrs won’t ever come back. Enjoy every moment to the fullest because you are gonna cherish all of these memories throughout your life J Work hard but party harder 😉

And to get further insights you are most welcome to come to the Management Consulting Club.