Deloitte Internship Application Process – Business Technology Analyst Intern – Abheer Sharma


Abheer Sharma, Business Technology Analyst Intern at Deloitte shares his experience in this brief interview

College and Batch: NSIT – 2017

Course: B.E. Computer Science


Please tell us about your selection procedure at Deloitte?

Abheer Sharma Deloitte Internship Application Process Business Technology Analyst InternThe selection procedure was very precise. There was an adaptive aptitude test (the more questions you answer correctly the more difficult it gets after every passing question)in the first round which was online. After this there was a G D round in which groups of 5 were there. We had to present a visual cum verbal solution to a case study. The main focus was on the small details of the solution. And the last was the P I round.


How did you prepare for the placement?

The preparation for this isn’t very well defined as one has to be updated about general things. For aptitude i’d suggest don’t prepare too much, just revise basic formulas. Give more focus to English as in our test also that was the deciding factor. Manage your time well and keep yourself indulged in various works and projects both inside and outside college.


What makes this company different from other similar firms?

Distinctively Deloitte as the tag itself suggests is a humongous company which has its roots spread all across the world. It is a golden opportunity that some select people from our college have got a chance to start our careers with this firm. The brand not only firepower’s your career but also develops u as an individual and make u familiar with the ever growing competition of the cooperate world.


What and how many internship and projects you did at your college?

I did one internship at fiat after my second year and am currently working in a startup . This is followed by a basic knowledge of finance and case studies.


What is the role of the academics in getting a good placement?

This is the most crucial part in the process as it is the basis of recruitment. You can’t apply if you dint clear a specific percentage no matter how good you are. So i’d suggest that one should keep his/her percentage at least above 65%.


Are you planning to do higher studies in future?

I haven’t really thought about it. But most probably I see myself getting a job from the campus.


Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors?

Don’t do what you don’t like. Explore within yourself what fits you the best and then go after it like no one else can even think of. And yes start early to gain an edge over others. I started late hence couldn’t do a lot of things i wanted to. So start on time and plan in advance and act accordingly.