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Axtria Careers | Axtria Employee Review – Analyst – Sahil Gulati


Axtria Careers, Axtria Employee Review, Analyst, Sahil Gulati shares his experience in this brief interview.

College: NSIT


Name: Sahil Gulati

Company Name: Axtria

Designation: Analyst

Experience (in months): 10 months


Please tell us about your Interview/Selection procedure at Axtria(Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).

Axtria visited our campus in August’14. The company gave a short pre-placement presentation, following which there

Sahil Gulati Axtria Careers Axtria Employee Review Analyst  were 3 rounds.

 Round 1: Written test : 40 questions : 4 sections (10  questions each):

  •  Verbal
  •  Quant
  •  Stats
  • Coding

Around 120 students sat, 50 cleared the test.


Round 2: General resume discussion and some general HR questions like why axtria. Around 25 students were selected out of 50.

Round 3: General discussion, puzzles, pnc+probabity question.

11 students were finally recruited by Axtria


What makes this company different from other similar firms?

Axtria was Started in 2009, so the office still has a startup kind of environment. Other perks include better package and growth, location.


Elaborate on the type of work in this kind of role?

The role offered by Axtria was that of a Data analyst. It involved creating Excel VBA tools for clients for process automation.


What all growth opportunities does this company provide? Are there any global exposures?

3 years package is fixed with around 25% growth each year.

No global exposures