Analyst Jobs for freshers

Here are 10 Analyst Jobs for freshers offered by different companies and their selection processes.

1. KPMG Placement Process – Analyst – Nilesh Jain – The placement procedure began with the company shortlisting the candidates according to their academic percentages. The bar was set at 60%. Around 100 candidates were shortlisted. Read Full here..

2. Evalueserve Placement Process – Business Analyst – Ravi Ranjan – There was an online test oraganised by CoCubes. Aptitude and Verbal questions were asked  which were of easy-moderate level. That was followed by 3 interviews. Read Full here..

3. ZS Associates Placement Process – Business Analyst – Mayank Khera – Preliminary aptitude test: An AMCAT test comprising of Quant and verbal questions, on the  same lines of what is conducted for their on-campus recruitment. Read Full here..

4. Citicorp Services Placement Process – IT Analyst  – Tushar Bhardwaj – Shortlisting is based on CGPA, Class 12th and 10th board percentage. The shortlisted candidates are eligible for the online test. The online test is mostly aptitude based. Read Full here..

5. Bain Capability Center Placement Process – Business Analyst – Rishabh Jaini – The first round consisted of shortlisting of candidates based on the resumes and cover letters (~25 students were shortlisted). Read Full here..

6. Barclays Capital Placement Process – Analyst – Manmeet Singh – Around 200 students sat for the procedure. First of all, there was a shortlist based on  percentage, with a cutoff of around 66% – 67%. Read Full here..

7. Evalueserve Placement Process – Business Analyst – Himanshu Kakerwal – Firstly, we had a written test (1 hour ) comprising of  50 questions( LR, DI  and Quant) each section had 15-20 questions. Read Full here..

8. Grant Thornton Placement Process – Analyst – Aditi Goyal – Grant Thornton goes for 3 rounds for the Placement i.e GD , Technical Round , Partner level  Round. Read Full here..

9. Goldman Sachs Internship Process – Analyst – Simantika Mohapatra – First round was short listing based on the GPA, then written test on  analytical reasoning, verbal, and quant. Read Full here..

10. Axtria Placement Process – Analyst – Gunjan Arora – There was an aptitude test(about 30-45 mins) and a 10 minute test having an  HR type question(tell about a situation where you showed team skills, etc.). Read Full here..