Amul Careers | Amul Intern Review – Medha Narang


Amul Careers,  Amul Intern Review, Medha Narang shares her experience in this brief interview.

College: Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai University

Duration:Intern for 6 weeks


What makes this company different from other similar firms?

Medha Narang Amul Review Intern The White Revolution marked the start of the AMUL model. This model  focuses on establishment of a direct linkage between milk producers and  consumers by eliminating middlemen. The highlight being Milk Producers  (farmers) get to control procurement, processing and marketing thereby  fulfilling Dr. Kurien’s dream of making India the largest producer of milk (by  the famer, of the farmer, for the farmer)

It follows a 3 tiered structure:

Village level: dairy cooperative societies

District level: milk unions

State level: federation of member unions


What all growth opportunities does this company provide? Are there any global exposures?

AMUL has a growth conducive working environment. Officers get to face new challenging situations everyday which gives them a chance to take major decisions based on their experience and technical knowledge.

GCMMF is India’s largest exporter of Dairy Products.GCMMF exports a few AMUL’s products to various countries across the globe namely, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, gulf countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan along with the neighboring countries of India.


How’s the general working culture and interaction with senior level executives?

For its consistent adherence to quality, customer focus and dependability, various AMUL dairies have received numerous awards and accolades over the years.People are dedicated and make sure they complete their work well on time. The SOPs, HACCP rules and are followed and regulated from time to time.

The senior level executives are very soft spoken and are always available to help you out with your queries. They are also very patient when it comes to listening to your suggestions and your views regarding further improvement.


Would you like to share some negative points which you might have experienced while working here?

Implementation of changes takes a long time as it has to be approved by the member union.


Would you recommend this company to a friend? Why?

I would definitely recommend it to a friend with a background of food engineering/ dairy technology as it’ll be easier to grasp more in less time. People here are warm, caring, sincere, soft spoken and encourage new ideas. All of this enhances your learning experience in a major way.