Amazon Interview Process – Software Development Engineer – Arjun Gupta


Arjun Gupta, Software Development Engineer, Amazon shares his experience in this brief interview.

College: NSIT

Batch: 2016


Please tell us about your placement procedure at Amazon (Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).

Arjun Gupta Amazon Interview Process Software Development Engineer


The recruitment process consisted of 5 rounds. There was a written round that was conducted on Hackerrank.

The written round had 20 Mcqs and 2 coding questions. The Mcq section consisted of questions on aptitude, operating systems and general programming. This was followed by 4 rounds of technical interviews.


What helped you sail through the hurdles and crack one of the finest placements?


I was pretty active on competitive programming websites like codeforces, codechef etc. They really help in building problem solving skills. Also, since, the problems are pretty interesting and you can keep on doing them for hours on end.


How did you prepare for the placement season? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the placement season?


Apart from being active on competitive programming websites, I went through geeksforgeeks. However, it is important that you understand the questions and not just read up the solutions. They cover some topics that are not covered in online judges such as trees, linked lists etc.

Apart from that, I revised subjects such as Operating Systems, DBMS etc. Also, technical interviews often require you to write clean, bug-free code on paper. It is important to practice for that as well.


What’s the role of academics in getting a good placement at NSIT?


Having a good percentage would never harm your prospects. There are certain companies that have an affinity for high percentages, however, having a percentage above 70 would be enough for most companies.


What all internships and projects you did while in college? How did you get them?

I’ve done a few projects in college. All of these were a part of some course that I had been taking.


Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors?


Try to find where your passion lies, that makes the other things really easy. If you are aiming for a career in tech, do pick up competitive programming. Also, try to delve into Open Source.

This would give one experience of working on real-world projects. Also, don’t fret over placements too much and enjoy your four years in college.