Airtel Placement Process – Young Technical Leader – Kulvir Singh Kohar


Kulvir Singh Kohar, Networking Executive – Young Technical Leader, Airtel shares his experience in this brief interview.

College: NSIT

Batch: 2016


Please tell us about your Interview procedure at Airtel(Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews, Questions).

Kulvir Singh Kohar Airtel Placement Process Young Technical LeaderBharti Airtel visited the campus in the end of August. The company came for three job profiles-

  • Network(for ECE and ICE)
  • IT( for COE and IT)
  • Supply Chain Management(for all B.E branches).

The cutoff was 60% in B.E.,70% in class 12th and 80% in class 10th.

There were 3 rounds:

First round was a pen and paper test which had 25 question out of them 10 were technical and 15 were Aptitude which had to be completed in 20 minutes. The questions were not hard but needed speed to attempt all. Technical questions were from syllabus studied in 2nd and 3rd year (mainly 2nd year). Questions were straight and forward with no negative marking.

Second round was GD round in which they give any current trendig topic to check your verbal skills and your way to express yourself. In GD try just to bring out relevant points. 18 students out of 53 got shortlisted after GD for the final interview round which was both Technical and HR.

Next round was a PI round. the interviewer asked questions from my CV i.e from projects and internships i have done and other technical questions from subjects like Communications, Networking, Analog and Digital Electronics and other questions from respective stream and some Basic HR questions.


What and how many internships and projects you did at college? How did you get them?

I did one internship in DMRC which is made by contacts. I also did two core ECE branch projects, one on a Micro-controller and other on a Microprocessor.


What makes this company different from other firms?

Airtel is an Indian Telecommunications services company rather leader in the field. Also we undergraduates will be working with MBA which helps us to grow professionally and also personally. And if someone wants to have practical understanding of communication, Airtel is best to start with.


How did you prepare for the placement season? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the placement season?

I had made my mind from beginning that i had to get a Core job. So i studied accordingly in Summer Vacations. I covered all main subjects of ECE branch in those two months i.e. Analog and Digital Electronics, Communication, Signal and System and Network Theory(not Computer Network).

I also did a lot of Aptitude because written exam of every single company consisted of Aptitude. So make your mind very clear about the type job you want and study accordingly. If you can;t decide what you want, then my advice is go with Software Profile because a lot and lots of companies are visiting our campus for Coding and you surely will be placed in software.


What’s the role of academics in getting a good placement?

As everybody knows “First impression is the Last impression”. So first thing companies sees is your percentage as they are outsiders and even if you have countless talents how would they know about that. So your first impression is your percentage and your CV. And if you have good academics then you are good with all basic concepts of your stream. Although it is a secondary thing after your cross the criteria of any company. Then what matters is your knowledge. If you have 70% + percentage then you can apply in all companies visiting campus.


Elaborate on the type of work in this kind of role?

The role I have been offered is Senior Executive- Networks under Young Technical Leader Program which will involve understanding the Telecommunication , wireless communication and other releated concepts. This job profile requires both Technical and leadership skills.


What growth opportunities does this company provide? Is there any global exposure?

The company offers a pretty good growth opportunities. We will be working on projects not in only India but also in other countries as Airtel is more than 20 countries in South Asia and many in Africa Continent. SO a good amount of global exposure is expected.


Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors?

General Advice would be to maintain at least 65% aggregate, should have good aptitude skills and technical skills. As I have already said made your mind very clear about job profile and prepare accordingly. Also don’t just go by the brand name and salary offered by the company, look into the profile offered and decide whether it suits you or not.

Stay confident, Make and Prepare your resume well, try to keep it short and to the point with just the TRUTH. Its also important to have patience and have faith in your abilities.

Enjoy your collage life well, don’t be a nerd.

All the Best