Adobe Internship Process – Product Intern – Nitika Agarwal

Nitika Agarwal, Product Intern, Adobe Systems shares her experience in this brief interview.

Please tell us about your internship procedure at Adobe (Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews).
Nitika Aggarwal Adobe Internship Process Software Intern Firstly, resume based shortlisting was done. 6 students were selected. All of us had 2  rounds of technical interview at their Noida office on 8th April, 2015 and results were  out on 10th April, 2015.

The interview began with a discussion on the projects mentioned in my resume and  had a mix of questions based upon trees, linked lists, arrays and C++ concepts. I was  also asked a Design question in second round.

 What helped you sail through the hurdles and crack one of the finest  internships?

Hard work and sincerity. My competitive programming experience and constantly  good percentage helped me a lot.

I have faced lots of rejections by companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, etc. So, patience was also a major factor in my case. Plus, the interview experience that you gain.

How did you prepare for the internship season? What advice would  you give to your juniors regarding the internship season?

I practiced some questions and participated in coding contests on online judges. I started practicing coding questions of geeksforgeeks a month before the internship season started. Few days before the interview,  I brushed up the concepts of C, C++ (as I have mentioned them in my resume) and glanced over the interview experiences mentioned on geeksforgeeks.

Advice for the juniors would be to practice questions on online judges to enhance their problem solving skills. While practicing questions on geeksforgeeks, don’t just read the solution, but think over it, try it yourself and practice writing the code on paper.

What’s the role of academics in getting a good internship at NSIT?

The curriculum of COE in NSIT is rather old. The subjects studied till your internship interviews will just help you to get a percentage so as to make you eligible to sit for the companies as few companies have a cutoff of 70%.

What all internships and projects you did while in NSIT? How did you get them?

I didn’t do any internship or project in college except the one which was the part of our winter training.

Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors at NSIT?

Getting started is the hardest part in any new endeavor. So, find a path which you are interested in pursuing and just get started. Don’t get into coding just for the sake of getting an internship or placement, do it only if you are interested.

Believe in yourself. Be yourself. Be honest about your experiences and the skills that you mention in your resume. Don’t over-inflate what you have done but don’t gloss over it either.

What I feel is nothing can be achieved without planning.So, you need to plan out few things.

There will be times of both frustration and great pride. Allow yourself to experience both and have fun while learning. Don’t get disheartened at any point of time as there is always a room for improvement.