Accenture Freshers Recruitment Process – System Engineer – Prince Chopra


Prince Chopra, System Engineer at Infosys shares his experience in this brief interview

College: MSIT

Course: B.Tech


Please tell us about your selection procedure at Infosys?

Prince Chopra Accenture Recruitment ProcessThe procedure started with an online test. It included questions on quant, verbal and logic reasoning. Those who cleared were shortlisted for interview. The interview had questions on previously done projects, strengths, weaknesses and short term goals.


How did you prepare for the placement?

I started by revisiting the basic programming concepts and practiced aptitude questions. I also revised my projects and also prepared for basic HR questions.


What makes this company different from other similar firms?

Infosys is a company which is value driven. It was established long back and provides a variety of services. It provides the best training in the world and prepares us for a brighter future.


What and how many internship and projects you did at your college?

I have done two internships. In the second year I did training in Android application development. In the third year, I worked in a startup and developed another application.


What is the role of the academics in getting a good placement?

Academics play an important part. If you do not study during the four years, you need to work really hard before the placement. But you need to keep your concepts clear.


Are you planning to do higher studies in future?

Yes I am planning to prepare myself for GRE.


Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors?

Start as early as possible. You cannot prepare yourself at the last moment.
Improve your communication skills. If you cannot express yourself you cannot get through.
Revise your programming and SQL concepts.
Don’t get disheartened if you don’t get selected, there is always something better planned for you. All the best.